Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha is the first captain of the house

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Bigg Boss 7 house inmates will get their first captain on Friday night. Tanisha becomes the captain after an interesting vote by both Jahannum and Jannat inmates.

Just hours after Gauahar moved from Jannat to Jahannum, she picked up a fight with Pratyusha but the two patch up soon.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Gauahar and Apurva to the confession room. and asks them to nominate two people from the Jannat who deserves to be the first captain of the house. They nominate Andy and Tanisha.

After this, Bigg Boss asks the Jannat wasis to vote and choose a captain between Andy and Tanisha through a ballet box. Tanisha is announced as the captain based on votes in the ballot box.

In a turn of events typical of Bigg Boss house, Andy gets upset with Tanisha as she was chosen the captain. He discusses this with Gauahar and says that the decision was unfair.

Elli joins Arman and Pratyusha in a conversation in the evening where Arman is teasing Elli and upsets her. Elli threatens to slap him and this triggers Armaan's anger.

Bigg Boss introduces a wishing wall for the Jannat waasis where they can express all their wishes when the green light is on. Bigg Boss will pick and choose their wishes and make them come true.

The epsiode will be aired on Friday night at 2100.


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