Bigg Boss welcomes a canine angel

  • Kamya and Armaan are definitely not enjoying each other's wonderful company right here.

  • Armaan's outburst in Bigg Boss 7.

  • Golden girl Gauahar is having a bad day at Bigg Boss. Man down?

  • Wet wrestling? Is that okay on national TV?

  • Sangram trying a Matrix at the Katghara?

  • Ooh shouting match! Tanisha - 1, Gauahar - 0.

  • Tanisha holds ground at the Katghara, accuses Gauahar of bias.

  • Kamya sips her coffee alone. Plotting? We hope not.

  • Gauahar breaks down after over-working herself. Oh, drama, drama.

  • Shilpa and Tanisha trying to make amends?

Reality show Bigg Boss is soon going to have a new guest. While the housemates recover from the shock of the merger that’s changed equations inside the house, a dog named Heaven is all set to enter the house.

Heaven will stay in the house with all other contestants and it will be their responsibility to take care of 3-year-old Retriever.

Interestingly, while the contestants continue to figure their sleeping arrangements, Heaven enters with the privilege of having his own special bed.

While international formats of Big Brother have had the inclusion of animals, and even Bigg Boss Season 6 featured a parrot and a fish, this is the first time that a
four-legged animal is entering the Indian edition of the reality show.


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