Coming soon: Mika ki Swayamvadhu?

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  • Updated: Aug 03, 2009 15:59 IST
MikaLooks like Mika couldn't bear to see his 'kiss' buddy Rakhi Sawant getting engaged to someone else - that too through a Swayamwar!

So, after Rakhi got engaged to Elesh Parujanwala on Sunday, in a grand ceremony, the singer could not stop himself from declaring his own swayamwadhu.

The singing sensation is reportedly planning to follow her footsteps by organising his own version on TV.

Apparently some time earlier just after Rakhi had announced her swayamwar, Mika had declared that he wants to do the same. He wasn't taken seriously at the time, though. And guess what it's being called? Mika ki Swayamvadhu - Season 1. Obviously, the Punjabi munda intends to do a season two as well.

Anyway, only time will tell if Mika will prove his point - if not through 'kiss-and-tell', may be marry-and-tell. Watch this space for more, just in case this songster changes his mind!


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