Delnaz opens up about ex-husband Rajev in Bigg Boss

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  • Updated: Nov 15, 2012 14:39 IST
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Television actress Delnaz Irani opened up about ex-husband Rajev Paul, saying she had a tumultuous two years while their divorce trial was on.

While talking to Bigg Boss 6 housemates Aashka Goradia and Sana Khan, Delnaz revealed it was not easy for her to move on after 14 years of marriage. She said the two years were a test because she was just trying to gather funds to pay Rajev and EMIS for his house. While Rajev's house stands loan-free, the house that Delnaz lives in is still reeling under EMIs.

Delnaz married Rajev when she was 23 and has been working ever since. While she worked, Rajev stayed home, waiting for some good movie offers. She was not only the bread winner but supported him morally as well. All his entertainment costs were borne by Delnaz.

An upset Delnaz said she and Rajev have moved on in life and that it is better if he stops gaining sympathy from everyone in the Bigg Boss house. Rajev has been trying hard to woo back Delnaz while they both compete for the winner's trophy in the reality show.

Bigg Boss that is aired on Colors is hosted by superstar Salman Khan.


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