Don’t compare our shows- Tim Sebastian

Aamir Khan's debut show Satyamev Jayate was all about the common man.

Aamir Khan turned lazy Sunday mornings into days when we were glued to the TV, understanding the social problems plaguing the country, empathising with the victims. Now, Sunday marks the end of the first edition of Satyamev Jayate, the talk show hosted and produced by Aamir Khan.

However, for those who love the show, there’s good news. Broadcasters Star Network are already gearing up for a second season, although it may take roughly 18 months for them to bring it on air. When asked, CEO Star India, Uday Shankar, says, “It’s natural for people to expect a sequel because of the successful run the show has had. A lot of planning, research and time went into making the show. So for a successful sequel, just as much hard work will be needed, if not more. Star and Aamir are keen, but it’s premature to get into specifics just yet.”

It seems the research teams working for Aamir’s company and the channel had collected enough material for 20 episodes. Only 13 have been aired this season. Would the remaining episodes be used next season? “That’s a possibility, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” says Uday.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate.

In the meantime, Britain’s popular talk show host, Tim Sebastian, has taken a leaf out of Aamir’s book for a new show on social issues. Called The Outsider, the show will be produced by SOBO Films and will air from mid-August (on UTV Bloomberg in India, and on Bloomberg globally). It will have 13 episodes. The anchor has been in India for two months to put the content together.

“I’ve seen Aamir’s show in passing. Barring the fact that we both discuss social issues, I don’t think there is a similarity between the two. He’s made a fantastic show and there’s been a lot of public discussion around it. But then, news channels for years have had shows on social issues. His show got more attention because of his star power,” says Tim.

“My show is a debate that presents the minds of young India to the world. My studio audience comes from the IIMs and the speakers are young Indians. It’s my way
of presenting the future of India to the world.”


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