Everyone’s a fake in Bigg Boss: Vishal Karwal

  • Aakriti Sawhney, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Dec 23, 2012 01:52 IST
  • Vishal and Sana

    Vishal and Sana on a dinner date organised by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 6 house.

  • Sana, Vishal, Rajeev

    Sana breaks down when Vishal refused to woo her as part of a task in Bigg Boss 6 house. Bigg Boss gave a task to ...

  • Rajeev Paul, Vishal and Sana

    Rajeev Paul and Vishal try to woo Sana for a date.

  • Vishal and Sana

    Vishal confessed that he is 'falling for' Sana. Bigg Boss 6

  • Imam

    After showing his violent side initially, Imam seems to have calmed down. Bigg Boss 6

  • Delnaz

    Delnaz breaks down when Bigg Boss asks her if she is still in love with Rajeev, during a task. Bigg Boss 6

  • Rajeev Paul and Imam

    Rajeev Paul and Imam often end up having fights. Bigg Boss 6

  • Imam

    Imam was a chor (thief) during a Bigg Boss task called chor sipahi. He was put in jail for stealing money. Bigg Boss 6

  • Delnaz and Imam in Bigg Boss 6 house.

    Delnaz and Imam in Bigg Boss 6 house.

  • Karishma and Niketan

    Karishma and Niketan hold hands as they wait for the result of evictions in Bigg Boss 6.

According to Vishal Karwal, everyone in the Bigg Boss house is pretending to be someone else. “Urvashi is faking the most on the show and Rajeev is just like a woman talking here and there, and I’m not at all impressed by what he is doing on the show.”
Vishal Karwal says he does not regret being voted out, and the first thing he will do after leaving the show will be to party with his friends. He says he felt weird talking on the phone after a gap of 40 days and the feeling of eviction is still sinking in.

On being asked about his relationship with Sana, Karwal says, “We know each other from before and I like her. We haven’t dated and I am not ready for a relationship. I am going through a rough patch and have to first sort that out.”

Karwal says he made two good friends inside the house — Dinesh and Santosh. “I will definitely catch up with them once the show is over and we are all out.” On his being labelled lazy, Karwal says, “It’s better to be called lazy than to be named a hypocrite.”
Bigg Boss 6

He also adds that he won’t be surprised if Sana wins the show. “She has very bright chances of winning the show and if not her, then Delnaaz has the second best chance as she is honest. He further says: “Audience will never vote for Niketan, so forget about him winning the show.”

Sallu in the house Bigg Boss host and anchor Salman Khan will enter the house on Sunday, and will play one more round of Freeze and Release, teasing and mocking the housemates, simply to tickle their funny bones.


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