Game of Thrones review: goodbye books, hello White Walkers!

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  • Everybody drinks if... Someone other than Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne Or Hodor says anything other than “Hodor”. (Text by Rachel Lopez)

Oathkeeper, the fourth installment of the series' fourth season, left most book lovers like us shocked, because it's gone so far off the books that we don't know what to expect anymore. The TV series has often deviated from the books here and there, but never like this.

In fact, Oathkeeper literally comes as a turning point in the franchise.

It's as if DB Weiss and David Beinoff knew that we go around bullying TV series lovers with threats of revealing spoilers and they just wanted to put an end to it.

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Now that my exasperation has spent itself, let the review of this crazy episode commence. As always, there are a few spoilers in here but none of the big ones.

Honestly, it looks like no one's safe in Westeros except the slaves on Daenerys Targaryen's side of the Narrow Sea. She's on fire, conquering cities like it's a child's play and continuing her spree of 'breaking chains'. The Dragons, however, were missing this time too.

On the other side of the Sea, things were on a flatline in King's Landing which was a surprise after last week's rape scene. In fact, Cersei and Jamie were literally acting like that never happened, not that they were civil to each other in any way.

A drunk and miserable Cersei still wants Jamie to kill Tyrion and he's still not ready to oblige her. In fact, there was a touching sequence that played out between the two brothers that made Jaime look like an angel all over again, making you wonder if the makers ever intended you to hate him.

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And, that wasn't the only heartwarming thing Jaime did. He bid goodbye to the other woman in his life - Brienne, showering her with thoughtful gifts. The chemistry between them was sizzling and so was the warmth in the Kingslayer's eyes for her.

Moving on, the mystery behind Joffrey's death was revealed and we can tell you, Tyrion had nothing to do with it. This one's a twist you probably won't see coming.

On the Narrow Sea, Sansa's on Littlefinger's ship and is being uncharacteristically level-headed. You don't see her crying or believing him blindly, in fact you see her smartly questioning his motives.

Now for the big twists from the book's storyline. At the Night's Watch, Jon Snow was seen on friendly terms with Locke, the man responsible for slashing Jaime's hand. Of course, Locke was smart about not revealing that or the fact that he's there to find Bran and Rickon and kill them.

Jon's having a tough time with Alliser Thorne and his authority issues but he's quite the favorite at the Night's Watch for his good behaviour.

The second big twist comes from Bran and company, and their misadventures at Craster's Keep. We revisit the devils from the Mutiny at Craster's Keep with Karl who in his opening scene is seen drinking wine out of Jeor Mormont's skull.

Finally, the big deal was the White Walkers who make a comeback in the episode along with the introduction of a new species of blue-eyed ice creatures. If you haven't seen the episode yet, that ending will blow your mind.


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