Gautami is proud to be called Mrs Ram Kapoor

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Sep 02, 2013 13:20 IST

Gautami Kapoor, who put aside her successful TV career for motherhood, is returning with a new show, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi. We spoke to the actor about using her real-life experiences on the show as well as the stardom, even the weight issues, of her husband of 10 years, Ram Kapoor.

What have Ram and you learnt from each other in 10 years of marriage?
We’ve learnt that it’s not a one-sided equation. We have to make sacrifices, adjustments and compromises. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but we have been through them together, and trust is the basis of our relationship.

When you met, you were the bigger star. Today, Ram’s more popular. Has that changed the dynamics of your relationship?
No. I am proud to be called Mrs Ram Kapoor. I have no qualms about it; also, I get lot of perks (laughs). I know how hard he has worked for his success. Seeing his fan following, we feel grateful and blessed. There are many actors who work as hard, are as talented or perhaps more than Ram, but don’t get their due.

Is he as temperamental as reported?
It’s a misconception. Ram is ‘moophat’ (blunt). People mistake his honest, curt opinions for arrogance. He demands perfection and, when he doesn’t get it, it annoys him. Perhaps because of his voice and his baggage, he comes across as scary, but he’s not. He’s cool and funny.

Talking about baggage, have you tried to get him to lose weight?
We have all tried, but when he feels like doing so from within, he will. He has a demanding schedule, so it’s tough to focus on dieting and gymming.

Was it easy going back to work?
After being at home for five-and-a-half years now, it was scary and a big decision to make. I pondered if it would be worth going back to work as my kids are totally dependent on me due to Ram’s busy schedule. TV has demanding hours, but I was clear in my head.

Will you bring your own experiences as a mother to the show?
My character is quite close to the person I am, so everything came naturally to me.

Quick five

A question you have been asked numerous times.

How Ram and I met.

Tell us something that people do not know about you.
I have immense passion for dancing and always wanted to be a dancer, but I never had the time or the focus.

A challenging scene that you have enacted.
In Ghar Ek Mandir, I had to enact a scene with Ram, which had physical proximity. We were just friends then, so I was uncomfortable.

An actor you feel is popular.
Karan Singh Grover. He’s acting really well in his show Qubool Hai.

A show you find successful.
Qubool Hai is well-made and different. The casting is also great.


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