Happy birthday: five reasons why we love Kapil Sharma

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  • Updated: Apr 02, 2014 15:53 IST

He is among the top 100 celebs on Forbes India 2013 list. He has been part of hit comedy shows like Comedy Circus and Great India Laughter Challenge. He is the producer-host of the most popular non-fiction show on TV today. And now, he has signed a three-film-deal with Yash Raj Films. We are talking about Kapil Sharma.

One of the most talked-about celebs in India today, Kapil Sharma turns 32 today. 


We list five things from his popular show Comedy Nights with Kapil that caught the attention of the audience. Kapil's character is called Bittu Sharma, which is now a household name now.

Babaji ka thullu


This remains one of the most popular phrases from the show (with that hand gesture). Ever since Comedy Nights with Kapil gained popularity, memes on 'Babaji ka thullu' flooded the social media. Even stars visiting the sets for promotion of their movies have begun using the phrase!

Aapne kabhi socha tha aapko Comedy Nights pe aane ka mauka milega?


http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2014/4/DadiAliAsgar.jpgHe genuinely surprises his celebrity guests with this one. Beginning with praises on how the star has risen to popularity and stardom, Kapil drops the bomb, "Aapne kabhi socha tha aap Comedy Nights pe mujhe live dekhenge? (Did you ever imagine that you would get an opportunity of seeing me live on Comedy Nights?)" 

Ittu sa
One of the star characters in Kapil Sharma's family in the show is Dadi (played by actor Ali Asgar). The now famous dadi often shows off  her overbearing 'senior-citizen' status on Bittu (Kapil) and his guests by insisting that she knew about them when they were "ittu sa" (with a typical indication of fingers on how small 'ittu' is). 

Shagun ki pappi
Some stars love it and find it cute but most would run away from it. Only, they don't have a choice. Every celebrity who visits Comedy Nights with Kapil gets a forced kiss from Dadi. The kiss goes by the name 'shagun ki pappi' (kiss of good luck)!


Kaun hai yeh aadmi
Bittu's bua (aunt, played by Upasana Singh) is known for her false sense of self-appreciation. She hits on every man who visits Bittu's house. One of her standard antics involves her falling for the man (the star-guest on the show). As soon as the star in question refuses to fall for her, she turns to Kapil and asks, "Bittu! Kaun hai ye aadmi? Mujhe isse baat nai karni." (Who is this man? I don't want to talk to him.)



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