Hope Sunny Leone is a fun girl: Symonds

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  • Updated: Dec 07, 2011 18:33 IST
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Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds who's all set to enter the Bigg Boss house on Wednesday said he wants to have fun with porn star Sunny Leone. He hopes to enjoy his stay with her, reports Mail Today. The sportsmen arrived in India on Tuesday morning.

This is what he told Mail Today about Sunny Leone: “I am not offended by her choice as a contestant. I will get to know her and hope she is a fun girl. We can enjoy our stay together."

The crickter is also planning to teach the housemates some cricket. “I do not mind teaching the Bigg Boss contestants some cricket if they allow me to take my bat and ball inside," he told the tabloid.

However, staying locked inside the house will not be easy for him. “I am an outdoor person. The toughest part lies in the fact that the game doesn’t even let you go for a walk,” Symonds told the daily.

Clearing the air about his much-talked about controversy with fellow cricketer Harbhajan Singh, Andrew said, "Bhajji and I have spoken about all that happened between us and we have worked out our differences. We are now in regular touch with each other and catch up as often as possible. Being a part of the same team definitely helped us to sort our differences and today, we are great friends."


Andrew is clear that he is not planning on causing more upheavals inside the house, but instead will teach his fellow contestants all about having fun and enjoying life. As a sportsperson, Andrew is used to dealing with extreme behavior and flaring tempers. So will Andrew teach his fellow contestants how to play cricket and hold themselves together?

Looking forward to your stay in the house Symonds!


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