I don’t think Salmanji was flirting with me: Elli Avram

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Nov 25, 2013 12:45 IST

Aijaz and Candy try to distract Andy and Elli as part of the Bigg Boss task 'Ignore the opbvious'. Elli was trying to reason out with Andy that his action towards Gauhar were disrespectful.

Bigg Boss host Salman Khan made no bones about the fact that Swedish actor Elli Avram was his favourite on Bigg Boss 7. He would indulge in friendly banter with her and she would, in turn, sing romantic songs for him
during their interactions.

In fact, Salman went as a far as to say that she resembled his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif.

But Elli, who is the latest contestant to be evicted from the show, says people shouldn’t read too much into all this.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/11/ElliEvramBiggBossBrunch.jpg"I don’t think Salmanji was flirting with me. I think he was trying to make me happy and comfortable. He’s a humble and understanding man. I sang the songs for fun because the other contestants told me it would be a nice thing to do. People are reading too much into our interactions," says Elli.

Ask her about the comparison with Katrina she says, "It’s a huge thing that people are comparing us. She too has come from Europe like me. She’s a hard-working actor and is getting better with each film."

Elli, who debuted recently with Mickey Virus, says she is already feeling the effect of  her newly acquired celebrity status. "I think now when I go home, things might be different. When I came out of the house, there were kids who shouted my name."

After announcing her elimination, Salman had mentioned on the show that, by the time Bigg Boss ends, Elli would have achieved much more in life. Does that mean he might cast her in any of his movies?

"No, we didn’t talk at all, other than while on the show. He wished me luck. He has helped me promote my film and always encouraged me. I’m grateful for that," she says.


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