Jay Soni 'emulates' Ranbir Kapoor

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Jan 15, 2013 16:47 IST

Sanskar - Dharohar Apnon Ki

After his first hit TV show, Sasuraal Genda Phool (SGP), Jay Soni is back on the tube with Sanskaar, where he plays a Gujarati boy who has to go abroad to help his family business. Jay talks about the new show, and his journey from a simple Gujarati boy to a fashion-conscious, fluentl English-speaking actor.

Being a Gujarati must help with this new character?
On the sets, we all have a blast talking in Gujarati. My Gujarati is very chaste, and since the Gujarati that’s spoken in Mumbai is polished, people used to laugh at me when I spoke the dialect. I am often told that I don’t look like a Gujarati at all. In fact, I had to undergo a lot of changes when I came here to become an actor.

Like what?
I was a fat guy and didn’t know what clothes to wear and how to look presentable. Even now, I am not very fashionable but I’m better than before. Though I studied in an English-medium school, I couldn’t speak well in English as we only spoke Gujarati in school and college. Once I came to Mumbai, I knew I had to learn to speak English fluently as people judge you if you did’t speak the language. I learnt and soon became fluent in the language. Now, my school friends are surprised to hear me speak English so well.

Is working alongside other talented actors in Sanskaar daunting?
I am never insecure. Even if I am acting with a big star, I never get nervous. I believe you get what you are destined for, and no one can take that away from you. Look at most actors today. They have great bodies, but I don’t. Honestly, I follow Ranbir Kapoor. I love the roles he plays, be it in Rockstar (2011) or Barfi! (2012). I am a huge fan and emulate his acting style and attitude.


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