New travel music show on TV Music Voyager

After the success of The Dewarists and Sound Trippin’, a new show on television will explore the theme of music and travel. Music Voyager, a half-hour bi-weekly show, features American traveller and ethnomusicologist, Jacob Edgar, visiting different Indian cities and meeting artistes in search of new and exciting tunes.

Mumbai edition saw him exploring the Bollywood music circuit and interacting with singers Kailash Kher and Sona Mohapatra. The Delhi chapter featured the city’s underground rock, pop and electronica scene, and artistes like Rabbi Shergill, Indian Ocean, East India Company, and Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale. Edgar also travelled to Rajasthan and interacted with gypsy band Musafir and Jaipur Kawa Brass Band.

“I want to choose music and artistes that locals would be proud of and that represent the reality of the local scene. I also try to find music that represents the local culture and isn’t just an imitation of music from other places,” says Edgar.
When asked if it’s challenging to go looking for new, exciting music but not fall into the trap of picking something that it stereotypically representative of the country/region, Edgar responds, “As an outsider and an explorer, my goal is to find music that will appeal to an international audience. So it does sometimes mean making choices about what I think will resonate with the people who are not from the culture, don’t speak the language and don’t fully understand the context in which the music is created.”
Edgar adds that the show endeavours to bring out a balance between tradition and modernity, when it comes to music. “This leads us into exciting directions that hopefully reflect the true nature of the places we visit. So far, I think we have managed to surprise our viewers by revealing music, sounds and trends that they might not associate with a particular country or region.” says Edgar. The show airs at 9 pm on every Thursday and Friday on NDTV Good Times.


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