No comparison with Giaa please!: Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Somebody’s loss is always someone else’s gain! This time, it’s Giaa Manek who has apparently been unceremoniously ousted from her daily soap, Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus. Replacing her is actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who now plays the popular character Gopi bahu in the prime time show.

The actor’s first episode was aired on Thursday, last week. “I’m treating it as a brand new show and not as an assignment where I take over from another actor. The first few days were extremely trying for me because I shot promos and two full episodes which were aired cut to cut. But now I’m sure everything will smoothly fall into place,” says Devoleena, adding, “I’ve got positive feedback from a lot of people although I know an actor’s replacement is always difficult for co-actors and the audience to accept.”

Facebook is already brimming with discussions and requests to bring the original Gopi back to the show. Not surprisingly, a few online forums have also begun comparing both the actors.

“I don’t want any comparison with Giaa, please! She did a wonderful job of the character and now, I want to do my best for it and take it to another level. I’m not pressurised by the TRP race because we’ll do our best and the numbers will show. As for Giaa, I’ve never spoken to her and I don’t think we harbour animosity against each other,” says Devoleena.

What does she feel about the online discussions on bringing Giaa back? “I’m not surprised they are happening because she was the face of the character for more than two years. When I auditioned for the role, I didn’t know what character I’d play,” she argues.

“I’m still trying to understand Gopi. I hope people give me some time to dwell on the part instead of giving knee-jerk reactions to my entry.”

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