Rannvijay has grown over the past 10 years: Rajiv

  • Kanika Sharma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Apr 09, 2014 15:59 IST

Roadies X

Famous for his aggressive onscreen antics, Rajiv Laxman, who is seen on TV show Roadies, has another side to his angry man persona ­—that of a loving friend ­excited for his friend and TV anchor Rannvijay Singh’s wedding. “Raghu (Ram) and I have seen Rannvijay grow over the past 10 years. We all knew he’d get married when he’d find the right ­person ... and suddenly it happened! We were all taken by surprise,” he says.

Interestingly, the twin brothers Raghu and Rajiv as well as Rannvijay have been part of many reality shows together. And the trio have now decided to telecast Rannvijay’s wedding ­preparations and the main events on Rannvijay’s YouTube channel, through the ­episode called Hitched. “Rannvijay believes that his fans have seen him grow from a contestant to a VJ to an actor and now a producer, and this was another big life event, so he wanted to share this, too, with his fans,” informs Rajiv about why they decided to put the event on the Internet, adding, “We decided to go digital because that has direct connect with the viewers, you invite ­people, you chat with them ... It is going to be a globe-trotting event. There is a part of Rannvijay that has not been seen. It is not for TRPs or stuff, but just meant to be shared.”

Talking about how the idea came about, Rajiv says, "Raghu, Rannvijay and I were just sitting and ­discussing things, when our partners said, ‘Let’s do it!’ and we decided to go ahead with it."

The show will be an intimate peak into the life of the groom and will lead into the preparation of the big fat Punjabi wedding. “This is our way of giving back to our fans,” he says.

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