Roadies X Delhi auditions: when Raghu got emotional

Roadies X

Roadies X moves to its final leg of the Delhi auditions. The bustling city dint fail to surprise the judges in the first round and now is geared for its second serving.

The first contestant Swati, a 20 year girl from a small town in UP will impress the judges with her skills and personality. A student and wrestler by profession, she manages both to support her education and has also won a Presidential Bravery Award for an act of bravery and kindness. Will she be able to impress the judges to make her way through the finals, is what we will get to know on the episode.

The self proclaimed singing sensation, Harry, floors Raghu and Rannvijay with his musical skills. He makes up a tune at the spur of the moment to impresses the Judges.

Another contestant Manik, a 19 year old simple guy brings out the emotional side in Raghu as he opens up to the judges about his dark childhood. Raghu in turn shares his own story with him to let him know that he is not alone in the world and that Manik will always have his support.


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