Salman Khan emerges as favourite bhai of TV divas

The dialogues hint Dhoom-style adventure where the bad guy is more than happy to be chased and called a baddie. Like: "Aap Devil ke peeche, Devil aapke peche. Too much fun."

A day ahead of Rakhshabandhan, our small screen divas tell us who’s that one Bollywood actor they would want to tie a rakhi to. While Salman 'Bhai' Khan is the first choice, there are other names in the list too.

Shritama Mukherjee
I would like to tie a rakhi on Salman Khan because he’s like the universal ‘Bhai’ and I also want my bhai to be very possessive and concerned about me, which he obviously is. Also, he can also take me round the globe and gift me diamonds.

Roopal Tyagi
I would like to tie a rakhi to Salman Khan. He looks like a very protective and caring person. He would make for a perfect brother who would take care of his sister like a queen.

Sneha Wagh
I would like to tie a rakhi to Salman Khan. I think I’ll always be very well protected if he becomes my brother.

Rishina Kandhari
I would love to tie a rakhi to Salman Khan. I think he is strong enough to protect me and take care of me. He is the ultimate ‘Bhai’.

Garima Jain
I would like to tie a rakhi to Salman Khan because he  seems to be very protective, caring and possessive like my real brother.

Samiksha Bhatnagar
I am extremely excited about my latest Bollywood projects and I would not like to tie a rakhi to anyone. However, if I really have to, I would tie a rakhi to Abhishek Bachchan. As much as I know about him, I think we share quite a bit of similarities as well — both of us spend time with siblings and family, we also love gaming and celebrating festivals.

Sambhavna Seth
I would like to tie a rakhi to Shah Rukh Khan because if he is so good with romance, it means he is emotional. He would therefore make a perfect brother — soft  and caring.

Divyanka Tripathi 
I would like to tie a rakhi to Rajinikanth sir. I would like the most effective and powerful person in our entertainment industry as my brother, I adore him ever since I watched Hum and Chaalbaaz.

Tina Dutta
I would like to tie a rakhi to Safi Ali Khan because he has a brotherly image. He is fun and humourous. I can visualise him as my buddy brother.

Vahbiz Dorabajee
I would like to tie a rakhi to Emraan Hashmi. He has kissed enough women on screen, so I think someone should be his sister also, for a change.


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