Salman loses cool over Kushal-Tanisha tiff, says this may be his last Bigg Boss season

As the episode starts, we see Salman Khan taking a stand for Tanisha.

In a heated discussion with Kushal and Gauhar over the fight with Tanisha, Salman Khan says this might be the last season of the show for him. Khan says the reason would be the incident of Tanisha and Kushal's fight.

Salman Khan starts with Kushal's behaviour with Tanisha. He slams Kushal for talking indecently about a woman.

Recently, Tanisha and Kushal got into a fight over a task. Kushal poured various things like detergent and dirt inside the box where Tanisha was sitting during a task. When she comes out of the box, Tanisha gets angry and pushes Kushal twice. The inmates, however, do not see it as a reaction. They say that as a woman, it was a 'cheap' step on her part.

It might be interesting to recall here that Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn (Tanisha's brother-in-law) share a very good friendship bond. Viewers may also see Salman's support for Tanisha as something pushed by Devgn or his family!

Salman reacts ferociously to this and blasts everyone from Gauhar to Kamya to Kushal.

However, the Dabangg-actor soon changes gears and gets back to his jovial self. He then chats with Heaven, the dog with Andy's help.

Later, Salman introduces the viewers to wild card entries Candy Brar and Aijaz Khan. Aijaz and Candy are currently living in the Caravan, a recently introduced feature in the show.


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