Santosh Shukla: Aashka is totally fake

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  • Updated: Dec 17, 2012 10:26 IST
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The latest celebrity to be evicted from the sixth season of the reality show, Bigg Boss, TV actor Santosh Shukla, says that of all the people in the house, actor Aashka Goradia is the most fake.

Santosh, who made an entry in the show in the padosi ka ghar (neighbouring house), initially found Aashka to be quite nice and friendly. “When I was in the mud house, I saw her praying and talking very nicely to everyone, and that’s why she seemed like a very good person. We had become friends too. But as soon as we entered the modern house recently, Aashka started instigating me against Urvashi (Dholakia) and Imam (Siddiqui). I then realised that she is spiteful, has many faces, and is quite fake,” says the 36-year-old.

“I think she only knows how to use people for her own benefit,” he adds.

Be it the padosi ka ghar or the modern home, during his stint in the show, Santosh was seen flirting with many female participants, especially Aashka and model Karishma Kotak. So, is he a flirt outside the house as well? “I won’t say that I’m a flirt, but I’m quite romantic. And I believe that there is no crime in being romantic. I wasn’t playing a game in the house, I was just being myself,” he says.

But the actor says that in spite of flirting in the show, he actually developed feelings for Karishma and would like to know her better. “I had started feeling for her. When I tried talking to her about my emotions, she told me that this is not the right place to discuss such things, and once she leaves the house, she might think of meeting me. So, I will wait for her outside,” he says.

During his stay in the house, Santosh had a few altercations with some co-participants, especially Imam. But recently, his stance towards the image consultant changed and he was more friendly towards him. Why was that? “Imam was quite quarrelsome in the mud house, but when he entered the modern house, he tried to mend his ways. His behaviour improved, and that’s why I became friends with him,” says Santosh.


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