Serial bashers unite online

If the never-ending and inane plots, scheming vamps, overbearing mothers-in-law and their ideal ‘bahus’ on the small screen have got you pulling your hair out, here’s an online support group to help you vent all that frustration. is a website dedicated to those who detest the irrational content on the tube, widely found in Hindi primetime serials. The website, with its tag line ‘Let the hate out’, went online on April 4 and has already received over 1,500 hits.

“I hate serials. There’s always illogical stuff happening that one cannot relate to. And most of the time you have to watch it because you have no control over the remote at home. I thought other people might be facing a similar problem as well and this would be a good way for them to release their anger. But this is a casual website, nothing serious,” explains Ameya Anant Bawkar (26), the brain behind the venture.

To join the club, all you need is a Facebook account and some serious dislike for soaps. Once logged in, you can leave comments on why you hate a particular serial and communicate with other members, some of whom log in only to defend their favourite tele-drama, consequently leading to heated debates. The serials are then ranked on the basis of the ‘hate’ and ‘like’ count.

Ameya, who works for as an online marketing executive, has a personal favourite when it comes to some telly bashing. “Uttaran,” he snaps, adding, “My mom watches it religiously and unfortunately I am always at home when it airs. I just feel that I have enough issues in my own life to care about Iccha’s (lead character in the show).”

Ameya soon plans to introduce a ‘guess the plot’ feature on the site. “At times we can foretell the plot and twists even without watching the show religiously. But for now, I just want to expand the site.”


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