Shah Rukh Khan set to replace Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 7?

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  • Updated: Apr 23, 2013 17:02 IST
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    Sana Khan and Rajev Paul pose for a calender shoot during a task in Bigg Boss 6 house.

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    Rajev Paul, Sana Khan and Delnaz Irani at Bigg Boss 6 house.

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  • Delnaz Irani, Rajev Paul

    Delnaz Irani and Rajev Paul played the characters of reporters for a Bigg Boss weekly task.

Salman Khan regained his fame and thousands of fans with his Bigg Boss stint and has already hosted three seasons of the reality show.

However, some media reports suggest that Salman's fans may be in for a sad surprise in the seventh season of Bigg Boss as Dabangg Khan may not be hosting the show this time.

Mid Day reports that Salman Khan's schedule is packed with the shoot of his upcoming film Mental and may not be available to host Bigg Boss 7. 

The tabloid also claimed that the producers of the show are trying to approach Shah Rukh Khan to fill in the shoes of arch rival Salman Khan.

It quotes a source as saying, "It looks like then Shah Rukh would be the best bet to retain the eyeballs. Considering their history, it would be interesting to see how King Khan can outdo his arch enemy."

Meanwhile, officials from the channel that airs the reality show refused to comment on the reports.

Salman Khan gives Daisy Shah a second chance

It’s a rare occurrence when Salman Khan gives a second chance to someone who has turned him down. Dancer-turned-actor Daisy Shah, who plays the female lead opposite Salman in Sohail Khan’s Mental, was the lucky recipient of this favour even though she had turned down Salman’s offer to play the second female lead in Bodyguard (2011).

Film writer Muazzam Beg, who is working on a docu-drama about Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt titled Munna Bhai, Sallu Bhai — Killer or Healer, reveals that Daisy’s then boss, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, convinced her to turn down Salman’s offer. FULL COVERAGE

Salman Khan sharing romantic walks with Daisy Shah?

Salman Khan, who is known as the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood has dated some of the top beauties of Bollywood but the latest buzz is that Sallu is hanging out with a new lady.

And she is none other than his new Mental co-star Daisy Shah. Rumours suggest that Daisy and Salman are spending time cycling and having romantic walks in Lavasa. READ ON

Salman Khan refuses to feature in Bombay Talkies due to Shah Rukh Khan?
Reports of late have been suggesting that Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan will come together for a special song in the short film ensemble, Bombay Talkies. Apparently, other celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are likely to be a part of the ambitious project as well. Now, we’ve learnt that even Salman Khan was asked for the venture, but the actor declined the offer.

A source close to the film says, “The point was to get these big names from the industry in one song which will be common to all the four short stories that form the movie. Salman was approached but he declined citing date issues.” But the source adds that the real reason behind Salman’s refusal could be something else. READ ON


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