She is known for doing such things: Shilpa Shinde

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: May 28, 2013 15:04 IST

Recently, Barkha Bisht-Sengupta replaced Rupali Ganguly in the popular TV show, Parvarrish, as the latter had to quit the serial due to her pregnancy. Initially, there were rumours about actor Shilpa Shinde being approached for the role, but it was said that Vishal Singh, who also stars in the show, had issues working with her. There were also talks about Shilpa’s link-up with Vishal, which is said to have been the reason behind her not getting the role.

Ask Shilpa about the incident, and she directs her ire at Rupali. Shilpa says, “I think Rupali Ganguly is spreading these rumours. She is known for doing such things, and I can say this to her face. She has done this before as well, when I was working with her in Sanjeevani.” The actor adds, “I am happy that I’m not doing the show, as I wouldn’t want to work in such an atmosphere.”

Shilpa says she loved the concept of Parvarrish and auditioned for Rupali’s role when the show was being launched. “But back then, I also got an offer from Chidya Ghar as well, and I chose that. When Rupali quit, the makers contacted me again and I met them. Two days later when I called to agree, I learnt they had got someone else,” says the actor.

Talking about Vishal, she adds, “I have no issues with him. Yes, two years ago we were supposed to do a show together and there was some disagreement between us. Maybe he’s still holding a grudge about that, which has been portrayed in a wrong way.”

On being contacted, Rupali expresses shock over the accusations made at her and says, “How ridiculous is this! Is she crazy? If someone is talking like that, they need to get their head checked. I have quit the show. Will the producer listen to me when I have it? Probably the channel thought someone else was better.”


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