Vivian Dsena denies acting pricey

Madhubala-Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon is the story of love between two socially and financially different people. The milleu of the story swiftly allows for some exotic scenes to be shot as the male protagonist, Rishabh Kundra (Vivian Dsena) is a film actor. The recent turns of events in the serial have shown some extremely romantic scenes on the soap.

Vivian Dsena, better known as RK in the Colors’ TV show Madhubala, is much in demand right now. His show is growing in TRPs and has gained quite some popularity lately. In fact, the actor is also very keen on doing films if he gets good offers. Yet, when Vivian was approached by newbie producers for a film, he demanded a huge sum of Rs 50 lakh, which scared them off.

A source says, “Vivian showed interest in the film they had approached him for, but when they offered him a small sum as remuneration, he asked for Rs 50 lakh. That’s when the deal fell through.” On the other hand, the actor rubbishes the theory. “I have been hearing a lot of rumours about myself for a while. Someone called to ask about my experience of shooting with Kareena Kapoor for a soap ad. I was taken aback as I haven’t shot any commercial with her,” says Vivian, adding, “I was even asked whether I am the highest paid TV actor today, and whether I charge Rs 1.5 lakh per day. All this is not true and I don’t know who is spreading these rumours.”

The actor doesn’t deny that he is eager to act in films, but he’s very clear about his expectations. “I will take on a project depending on its subject. And when I do work on a film, I will put my blood and sweat into it. Money is not my basic priority. I am from a well-to-do family and it has never been an issue,” he says.

About the amount, Vivian adds, “I can’t say yes to a film for R2 lakh just because it’s my first. It should be a decent amount, which makes me happy and motivates me to do better. I don’t want to curb my growth and be stuck on money or on certain conditions.”

Working valentine’s day for vivian?
Sources from a production house claim that the actor has planned a two-day trip with wife Vahbiz Dorabjee to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day after marriage. Vivian denies this news, saying, “I haven’t got any leave, but there’s definitely a surprise planned for Vahbiz for Valentine’s Day.”


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