VJ Andy is out to get the ladies

VJ Andy is trying to understand what an Indian woman wants with his new show. And, he’s finding the task quite enjoyable. “I travelled to various cities across the country and met all kinds of women. Recently, I met some ladies in Kolkata and was left impressed,” says Andy, who’s hosting the show, What’s With Indian Women, on Fox Traveller on Sundays.
While in Delhi, Andy met many socialites, and in Mumbai he met some actors.

Talking about the show further, Andy says, “I have tried to keep the show light-hearted and fun. I have tried to not make it look or sound too serious.” Andy’s earlier show, Dare 2 Date, dealt with the concept of blind dating. Does he think it’s a good idea? “Blind dating is not a great idea in India. Most couples who met on the show didn’t last,” he says.


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