We’ll be television’s new Flop Show: TVF

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They are an Internet sensation, and their satire on political and social issues has the viewers laughing out loud.

Now, the Qtiyapa team, also known as The Viral Fever (TVF), is ready to debut on television with a new youth-centric show. But, not many know that the team behind the hilarious gags and spoofs online, had first approached television before they took their series on the web.

"We had approached a music channel, but our idea got rejected. So, we decided to post our videos on Youtube. Now that we have found such popularity online, we are extending our web series to TV with this show," says Sameer Saxena of TVF.com.

Titled Change Aayega, Hum Layenge, the TV show will talk about multiple issues that affect the youth, through the lens of satire and spoofs. "Our show will be a light-hearted take on issues that matter to the youth," adds Sameer.

Curiously, the show reminds one of Jaspal Bhatti’s iconic show, Flop Show, that too took on serious issues with biting satire in the ‘90s. "Yes, exactly! We’ll be the new Flop Show of TV. The idea is to take on pivotal topics, albeit humorously."

But India is often accused of not having an appetite for satire and black humour. When asked about it, Sameer says, "India is a funny country with no humour. But, that is changing as people enjoy watching satire now."

The YouTube page of the group, whose members are all former IITians, is inundated with special videos featuring celebs such as Anurag Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurrana.

"Many production teams approach us for film promotion. It’s good fun," says Sameer, whose show airs on weekends at 7pm.

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