Prost rejects calls for F1 overhaul

  • AFP, Monaco
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  • Updated: May 24, 2013 23:41 IST

Formula One legend Alain Prost went some way on Friday to calming the storm that threatens to rock the sport by rejecting the idea that an overhaul is needed.

As the Formula One teams enjoyed some intermittent sunshine in the famous Mediterranean harbour on the traditional rest day at the Monaco Grand Prix, the four-time champion Frenchman provided a sense of balance and perspective.

"At the end of the day, you must remember that people criticised a lot when one driver made the pole position, led the race and then nothing happened," he said.

"You want it somewhere in the middle and I think the compromise today is not bad - because at least we have a show. We have a long season, with a lot of uncertainty - and that is the most important for F1."

Prost, a four-time winner of the Monaco race, said it is too easy this season for people inside and outside the paddock to criticise the racing without stepping back and looking at a bigger picture.

"If you have this new technology, it means you have something to sell also that is different to today," he explained.


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