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  • Updated: Jun 11, 2012 23:09 IST

Seven different winners in seven races, from five different teams and there are still a number of teams and drivers that could, without any great surprise, be winners as well. Red Bull Racing, McLaren, Ferrari, Williams and Mercedes have all won, but one can see Sauber and Lotus F1 Team being able to do that as well. We could have another four of five different winners without too much trouble. F1 is unpredictable but as far as I am concerned that does not mean it is any more artificial than the sport used to be. The skill of great racing drivers has always been to use the tyres correctly, and those who argue about DRS and KERS being artificial should remember that in fact all that these systems are doing is what slipstreaming used to do, in the old days.  This is great sport and Canada was a really terrific event.

No politics please

The only thing that has been wrong with Formula 1 this year has been the politics. Yes, there are lots of negotiations that need to be done, but it is more alarming that the sport has been used as a political tool in Bahrain and Montreal. F1 does not exist to save the world. It is there simply to amuse and divert, and (if one is cynical) to make the players and camp followers money. The races are staged in order to bring money into a region. Local governments support such events because they are good for the regional economy and good for their image and the image of their region. The ruling classes may advantage of this and use the race as a political tool. The opposition can do the same. In Bahrain we saw both the government and the anti-government protesters using the event, trying to further their causes. No-one really won, least of all the sport.

In Montreal there were protesters again (whoever they were) and their goal was to try to ruin the event and drive away spectators.  At times one needs to remember that F1 is a sport. It is supposed to be fun, but is ultimately meaningless. Yes, it gives pleasure to the fans. For others it simply fills a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.
That is how it should be and it is wrong to try to use it in any other way.

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