Americans most likely to steal toiletries, Germans to cheat on holiday

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  • Updated: Jun 16, 2015 18:27 IST

A new international survey reveals which nationalities are most likely to steal hotel toiletries, tinkle in the pool, and cheat on their partner while on holiday.

In an online poll conducted among 9,577 adults in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and China, TravelZoo asked respondents to fess up on their travel transgressions, be it pinching a bottle of mini shampoo, sneaking a wheel of undeclared raw cheese through customs, or calling in sick to extend their vacation.

Overall, it seems that American travellers harbor the most secrets and engage in the greatest number of travel misdemeanors, coming out on top in three out of six categories.

Either that, or American travelers are the most forthcoming.

For example, 69% of Americans admitted to pilfering extra hotel toiletries, compared to 63% of Canadians, 61% of Chinese, 45% of Britons and 20% of Germans.

Likewise, Americans are the most likely to take a tinkle in the pool or ocean (64%), according to the survey, followed by Canadians, Britons, Germans and Chinese travellers.

Where they buck the trend, meanwhile, is in the category of illicit vacation hanky panky.

Instead, 10% of German respondents admitted to having cheated on their partner while on holiday, followed by Chinese travelers (5%), Britons (4%), Americans (3%) and Canadians (2%).

Here are some of the other results:

The country most likely to try and sneak goods through customs?
Chinese (32%)
Canadians (23%)
Americans (22%)
Britons (19%)

The country most likely to look up hotels online instead of doing their work?
Chinese (70%)
Americans (67%)
Canadians (64%)
Britons (40%)
Germans (38%)
Skipping out on a bill
Americans (13%)
Canadians (10%)
Britons (9%)
Germans (7%)
Chinese (6%)

Reserving a lounge chair with your towel
Canadians (64%)
Americans (59%)
Chinese (40%)
Britons, Germans (33%)

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