Boom clap: Top vacation spot for affluent travellers in 2015 is...

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  • Updated: Jan 21, 2015 16:10 IST

Affluent travellers will be booking river cruises and villas in Italy this year, according to a new report that aims to paint a picture of how the world’s richest travellers will be spending their vacations -- and their money -- in 2015.

While multigenerational travel has dominated the Virtuoso Luxe Report for the last five years, this year river cruising emerged as the most popular and sought-after travel trend among 600 advisors from elite, luxury agencies in 25 countries.

When it comes to emerging destinations, Croatia is generating growing interest within the luxury market, along with Iceland, Cuba, Myanmar and Bhutan.

Croatia’s inclusion in the category is all the more interesting, authors note, given that it didn’t crack the top 10 list last year.

The results also reveal that Italy remains a tried and true favorite among the world’s rich and famous, taking the top spot in categories such as international, family and honeymoon destination.

Here’s a look at how the other half -- the wealth -- plan to live it up in 2015:
Top travel trends
1. River cruising
2. Multigenerational travel
3. Active or adventure trips
4. Celebration travel
5. Family travel (immediate)

Top international destinations
1. Italy
2. France
3. Mexico
4. South Africa
5. Australia

Top family travel destinations
1. Italy
2. Orlando, FL
3. Mexico
5. England

Top adventure destinations
1. Costa Rica
2. South Africa
3. Galapagos Islands
4. New Zealand
5. Peru

Top honeymoon destinations
1. Italy
2. Maui, HI
3. French Polynesia
4. France
5. Maldives

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