‘Cape Town has beautiful women’

Vishal Malhotra

1 Gulmarg: Kashmir is stunning! Wonderful weather, lovely sights and its proximity to nature makes it a favourite on my list.

2 Toronto, Canada: I had shot for Kismat Konnection in this Canadian city and I have wonderful memories there. It can also be called a home away from home,as Toronto is an international city with the greatest Indian population.

3 Cape Town, South Africa: I had shot for Jannat in Cape Town and fell in love with the city. Plus it has got both great wine and beautiful women!

4 Delhi: It will always be extremely close to my heart. And it has possibly the most and best variety in terms of food.

5 Jaipur: It will always be very close to my heart because I got married in Jaipur. My wife and I have beautiful memories there.


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