French ski resort offering group discounts through Facebook app

  • Relaxnews, AFP
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  • Updated: Jan 01, 2014 05:08 IST

The French ski resort Les 2 Alpes has just launched a Facebook app for vacationers skiing with friends, allowing them to take advantage of reduced rates on ski passes.

The Ski With Friends app offers discounts on ski passes for groups of two or more. By liking the dedicated Facebook page, users can access reduced rates on ski passes for between one and six days.

The price of a one-day ski pass drops from €45 to €41 when purchased for two skiers, and to €35 per person for four or more skiers. Discounts are also available on the six-day pass, normally priced at €225 per person but available through the app for as little as €205.

The offer is available throughout the winter season.


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