How about a ride in a Breaking Bad inspired cocktail RV?

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  • Updated: May 23, 2015 17:01 IST

Breaking Bad fans jonesing for more of their favorite show may be interested to know of a pop-up bar inspired by the series that will turn an RV into a mobile cocktail lab in London this summer.

It's been about two years since the show ended. But in a testament to its cult popularity, the show continues to inspire entrepreneurs and fans.

In the latest attempt to keep the series alive, the ABQ bar in London -- which stands for the show's setting, Albuquerque, New Mexico -- will serve as an experimental cocktail lab allowing guests to cook up their drinks, not unlike the way Walt and Jesse cooked their meth.

The ABQ concept comes from the same folks who brought London their first owl-themed pop-up bar. For one week last month, punters were able to sip a pint while petting live owls as part of an owl conservation program in the UK.

ABQ will operate for three months in London this summer. For £30 ($47 USD), guests will be shown how to mix their own drinks with the help of a mixologist. The RV fits about 20 people at a time.

The show's popularity, meanwhile, proved a boon for the city of Albuquerque, turning it into a major tourist hotspot for fans and big business for local entrepreneurs.

ABQ Trolley Co. created a weekly one-hour tour that takes fans to 13 film locations around the city, including Walter White's house and Los Pollos Hermanos, a fast-food burrito joint where all the shadowy drug dealings go down.

The show has also inspired Breaking Bad beer, donuts and bath salts -- your garden, bathroom, bathtub variety, that is.

Meanwhile, more than 21,240 people have already signed up for the chance to win tickets to the ABQ bar.

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