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  • Priyanka Monga
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  • Updated: Apr 21, 2011 12:37 IST
Are you a beach bunny or a terrain traveller?

I oscillate between the two. The beach bunny goes on a trek at least once a year!

Your ideal travel partner?
My husband Kabir. He has such a keen sense of history and adventure. He is my perfect travel match, except that I always want to stay in a place longer than he does.

Your travel attire?
The beach bunny is in shorts and the terrain traveller is always in jeans and ugg boots.

One destination that will never be on your wishlist?
I am a lusty traveller. There is no place in the world I wouldn't be grateful to visit.

Louis Vuitton or a Samsonite?
Rimowa, its tough yet cool.

Your five travel must haves...
A camera, fantastic shoes, a good book, a happy state of mind and lots of cash.

Sun tan or Sun block?
Sun Block. Indian Railways or Indian Airlines? Indian Railways, anyday.

Your beauty travel kit includes...
Mascara, kajal, lip gloss, face cream and sunblock.

Your favourite holiday spot?
Solitude, my mountain home at Ramgarh.

Staying at a five star or a local guesthouse?
A five star hotel. I choose luxury when it's available.

What tops your priority on a holiday:
Sight-seeing or shopping Definitely sight seeing, followed by the local cuisine trail and then shopping.

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