Most-reviewed locations in 2013

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  • Updated: Dec 23, 2013 18:10 IST

A view of the city of Siena, central Italy, blanketed in snow, as snowfalls have been battering the country. AP Photo/Paolo Lazzeroni

Online reviews by travellers have become a sure-shot way for some to plan their next vacation. In 2013, the most reviewed cities were the British, Italian and French Capitals. The website, TripAdvisor, revealed that the cities received “more than 125 million reliable reviews and opinions” to date, up from 75 million last year.

While American travellers contributed more content overall than their peers around the world, Belgian travellers earned the distinction of having the most “helpful” votes received per review on average. Japanese tourists stood out for their photo contributions, earning the distinction of “most photos submitted per member on average.” Travel fans from Singapore stood out for providing the longest reviews and for contributing the highest percentage of reviews about places outside of their home country. 

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