Room service in Cape Town is among world's least expensive: survey

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  • Updated: Mar 21, 2013 12:52 IST

A survey found room service prices to be generally lower in Africa and Asia than in Europe. Photo: AFP/Stephen Coburn/

According to TripAdvisor's 2013 TripIndex Room Service report published on March 20, common hotel services and products in Cape Town, South Africa cost an average of $19.74 compared to $83.09 in Moscow.

The travel community website looked at the combined cost of ordering a club sandwich from room service, taking a bottle of water, nuts, a mini bottle of vodka and a can of Coke from the mini-bar as well as having a shirt dry-cleaned.

With a total TripIndex Room Service cost of $19.74, Cape Town in South Africa was the destination offering travelers the best value. Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt was the second least expensive destination with a total cost of $23.94.

Moscow in Russia was the most expensive destination, with services coming in at $83.09, four times the total cost of Cape Town. Paris was close behind with a total cost of $69.19.

Globally, room service was less expensive in Africa and Asia. In Europe on the other hand, prices were rather high.

However, depending on the destination, the products chosen for this comparative test were more or less expensive. For instance, the most expensive club sandwich was in Zurich, Switzerland ($29.19), costing five times more than in Sofia in Bulgaria ($5.52).

The most significant price difference was found with the bottle of vodka. It cost $3.95 in Cape Town compared to $18.07 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Meanwhile a look at room service across US destinations found that Honolulu, Hawaii was the most expensive city in the country, with the assorted products and services adding up to $64.90, while Denver, Colorado's average total was $40.46.


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