Smell York: World’s first scented visitor’s guide!

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  • Updated: Nov 05, 2014 17:22 IST

Travelling is all about experiencing new regions, cultures, languages, and sensations, including different smells: the fresh fragrance of a grassy meadow, the perfumes wafting from various shopping and grocery stores, or the scent of candles in centuries-old cathedrals.

That’s why the tourist office in York, England, has created the world’s first scented visitor’s guide.

Titled Smell York, the city guide catalogues some of the English city’s most distinctive aromas and corresponding tourist attractions.

A total of 12 attractions are pictured in the booklet (one for each month), and each image is infused with an associated smell.

Tourists can simply scratch the image and sniff it to experience the various fragrances, which range from classic notes such as tea, chocolate and wild fern to a few more unusual odours.

Also in a nod to the legend that York is one of the UK’s most haunted cities, the tourist office included a page with “the haunting aromas of ghosts,” characterised by rose and sulfur notes. Tourists can experience the smells of the horse track or the railroad too.

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