The hotel amenity that trumps free parking or breakfast

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  • Updated: Feb 22, 2013 15:37 IST

Free Wi-Fi is the most important hotel amenity, according to a survey of more than 8,600 travelers around the world. Photo: AFP/stefanolunardi/

Whether it be traveling for business or pleasure, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi for free is the most important priority for globetrotters according to a survey of more than 8,600 respondents around the world.

In a polled carried out by online reservations site, 34 percent of respondents identified free Wi-Fi as the most important factor when choosing a hotel, trumping other perks like free breakfast, or free parking.

For business travelers, that figure spiked to 56 percent, who said the ability to connect was their number one priority.

Respondents spanned 28 countries from Australia, to Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, Russia, India, and the US.

Only 11 percent of travelers around the world said they would be ‘happy’ to pay for Wi-Fi when staying in a hotel.

Meanwhile, high-end coffee makers, complimentary bottled water and free breakfast also emerged as some of the most sought after hotel room amenities.

Regional differences included Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Brazil, where respondents put priority on electric adapters over complimentary bottled water for their preferred hotel amenity.

And among luxury properties, the favorite amenity is the high-end fitness center and spa, as well as designer toiletries.


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