The 'smart' seat: economy class travel was never so good!

  • IANS, London
  • Updated: Apr 30, 2014 14:56 IST

Forget painful, crammed air journeys in economy class. Seats that can be adjusted via touchscreens - even letting you both cuddle together - are arriving soon.

A brainchild of German design student Jan Meissner, the 'smart' seat would adjust to make passengers more comfortable. Passengers can join their screens together to form giant panoramic screens and watch live video from the outside of the aircraft, and play interactive games, media reports said.

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Travellers can also save their settings and customise their seat before they fly. These 'living' seat system named 'COS' can be fitted inside an Airbus A380.

“Designed for the Airbus A380, it is a living seat-system freely adjustable, adaptable to the widest range of needs and dimensions of the people,” Meissner was quoted as saying.

The seats can alter their shape, allowing couples to turn them into one large seat, reports added.

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