Top 10 busiest air corridors in the world

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  • Updated: Apr 25, 2013 13:48 IST

A recently released report has found that the world’s busiest air routes by passenger volume are dominated by Asian domestic travel, with a corridor in South Korea topping the list.

According to a report from transaction processor and IT service provider Amadeus, seven of the top 10 busiest routes can be found in Asia, with flights between Jeju island and Seoul topping the list.

In 2012, 10.1 million passengers flew the same corridor, marking a two percent increase over the year before.

Here were the top 10 busiest air routes in 2012:

1. Jeju island-Seoul: 10,156,000 passengers
2. Sapporo-Tokyo: 8.2 million
3. Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo: 7.7 million
4. Beijing-Shanghai: 7.2 million
5. Melbourne-Sydney 6.9 million
6. Osaka-Tokyo 6.7 million
7. Fukuoka-Tokyo: 6.4 million
8. Hong Kong-Taipei: 5.5 million
9. Okinawa-Tokyo:4.6 million
10. Cape Town-Johannesburg: 4.4 million


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