Top product brands likely to fill US travelers' suitcases

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  • Updated: May 07, 2014 15:57 IST

Canon is the most popular brand of camera slung around travelers’ necks; Pantene is the most common shampoo bottle to line the tubs of hotel bathrooms; and when it comes to choosing the backpack that will accompany them on their cross-European adventure from one hostel to the next, travelers trust The North Face the most.

Those are among the results of TripAdvisor’s annual Travel Favorites, which looked at the top product brands to fill travelers' suitcases.

Categories include the most popular brand of flip-flop (Havaianas), guidebook (Lonely Planet), car rental agency (Enterprise Rent-A-Car), cooler (Coleman) and sunscreen (Neutrogena).

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Here are some of the other results for the more than 30,140 travelers polled in the US:

Toothpaste: Colgate
Soap: Dove
Carry-on luggage: Samsonite
Deodorant: Dove
Fast food: Subway
Body lotion and sunscreen: Nivea
Hair gel: L’Oréal
Gum/mints: Orbit
Hairdryer: Conair
Razor: Gillette
Snack/energy bar: Snickers
Ski: Salomon
Snowboard equipment: Burton
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Hand sanitizer: Purell
Lip balm: Burt’s Bees
Noise-canceling headphones: Bose
Airline: Southwest
Bottled water: Evian
Swimwear: Speedo
Travel magazine: National Geographic Traveler

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