Travelers post trip pics to make others jealous

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  • Updated: Oct 03, 2012 14:05 IST

Over two thirds of Brits have been on holiday with someone who refuses to be parted from their mobile phone. Photo: AFP/hartphotography/

A survey released on Monday shows that over two-thirds of Brits have been on holiday with someone who refuses to be separated from their mobile phone.

Do you panic when you can't find your mobile phone or have no network connection? Then you might be nomophobic, a term recently coined to describe people who fear having no access to mobile technology.

New research published by travel site TripAdvisor reveals just how obsessed Brits are with their mobile phones. A recent survey carried out among 5,500 respondents shows that over two-thirds (68 percent) of Britons have been on holiday with someone who refuses to parted with their mobile phone.

Another survey carried out among 2,500 respondents by TripAdvisor shows that a significant number of British people are accessing social media through their mobile phones to show off their holidays to others at home. Over 64 percent confess to posting an update or photo of their travels on a social media site to make those unlucky ones at home jealous.

Brits are not the only ones. Another survey carried out in the US in 2011 by Echo for American Express showed that 72 percent of Americans check their email when traveling, while 41 percent do online banking, 27 percent check their social media profiles and 17 percent check their work email. These numbers show that smartphones and tablets are among the most important items carried in travelers' suitcases today.


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