Women, time to pack your bags, a trip of a lifetime awaits you

  • Sneha Bengani, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 14, 2016 15:47 IST
An increasing number of groups are emerging across the country to help women realise their dreams of travelling independently. (Jugni)

Are you a woman looking for some adventure? How about backpacking with a bunch of like-minded women travellers to an exotic locale promising safety, guidance, fun, scenic vistas, and lots and lots of cherished memories? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But believe it.

An increasing number of groups are emerging across the country to help women realise their dreams of travelling independently.

Women travellers scuba diving in Andaman. (Girls on the Go )

Why an all-women group?

Safety is one of the major roadblocks for women looking to travel on their own or with just their girlfriends. These groups are also ideal for first-time travellers. Almost all of them borrow from personal experiences of their founders, who obviously are travel junkies. Having already vacationed at the places included in their itineraries, they intend to add value to your experience from their own experiences.

“We do not take more than 12 women in one group so as to be able to attend to the needs of all of them. Also, their families are more comfortable in letting them travel in all-women’s groups,” said Nitesh Chauhan, one of the two founders of Jugni, a Delhi-based travel group.

“We ensure they get to explore and have a good time without thinking about their safety or other arrangements,” he added.

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A woman enjoys paragliding at Bir Billing in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. (Jugni)

Neena Jhanjee, the founder of Diva Odysseys, agrees.

“When you bring like-minded people together, your focus shifts on the experience instead of the destination. We only do experience-based trips and theme-based holidays, making the trips much more than just visiting a destination,” she said.

‘More women want to travel’

Jugni has organised 18 trips in the last one year. Diva Odysseys started with one trip in three months when it began its journey three years ago, but today it does two trips a month. “You have got to book at least 60 days in advance if you want to travel with us. We are sold-out before we know it,” said Jhanjee.

Chauhan too said planning in advance was necessary as the seats available were limited and there was no dearth of women wanting to travel. “We were all booked in February for the trip to McLeodganj that we are taking on the Holi-Easter weekend,” he said.

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‘An experience of a lifetime’

Ayodhya, Barot or even Mangolia and Bali — these groups are breaking the Ladakh-Manali-Dubai rut. “I have travelled with Jugni twice — first on a 10-day trip to Sikkim and then on a weekend trip to Kheerganga. The experience has been life-transforming to say the least. I made lifelong friends on these trips with women from different walks of life. I went on these trips last year, but I am still in touch with them,” said Jassi, a radio jockey and happy customer.

Chadar trek is carried out on the frozen Zanskar river in Leh which freezes during January and February forming a thick sheet of ice. (Jugni)

“I have travelled solo and with people, but my most memorable trips have been with Women on Clouds. Sharing a platform with women of all ages, types and beliefs helps you learn so much, not just about the place you are visiting and the people you are with, but also about your own self. It is an experience of a lifetime. I would recommend it to everyone,” said Jasleen, whose job in the aviation industry has taken her around the world.

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Planning your next trip?

If you plan to ditch your families, boyfriends and guy friends for the next trip, a good place to start would be looking up these fun travel-groups on the Web. To get you started, here we suggest some of the most awesome options of the lot. You can thank us later.

Jugni: www.jugni.co.in

Diva Odysseys: www.divaodysseys.com

Women on Clouds: www.womenonclouds.com

Girls on the Go: www.girlsonthegoclub.com

The Wander Girls: www.thewandergirls.com

Women on Wanderlust: www.wowclub.in

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