5 things that change with TBBT 8: Sheldon wants to have 'coitus' with Amy for one

  • Jyoti Sharma Bawa, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 26, 2014 18:34 IST

In terms of treatment and funnies, The Big Bang Theory’s Season 8 offered us more of the same old pie. While there were a few Bazinga moments (headline being one of them) in the two back-to-back episodes of the TV show which opened the season, it was really the characters which did a lot of growing up this time round.

In fact, other than Leonard, everybody revealed some new facets. Here’s looking at what the two new episodes revealed (Spoilers ahead!!!).

1 Sheldon the White (expedition and back again)
Who would have thought geeky-to-the-point-of being-neurotic Dr Sheldon Cooper (he’s not mad, his mother had him checked) would leave his apartment and go out in the big bad world. Season 7 had him embarking on across the country expedition and Season 8’s first episode reveals he has been at it for 45 days. Just like Gandalf The Grey, he ventured forth. But unlike him, Sheldon managed to get his money, phone and pants stolen.

He had to call Leonard to rescue him but he has had a rich experience (he knows which railway station serves which ketchup). Back at home, he is now a professor with just one student. Read on to find who that is.

2 Howard the Student
And the student is Howard Wolowitz. When students refused to sign on for Sheldon’s classes, Howard signed on for it. Some quick question and answers later, it was revealed that Howard is not as bad as Sheldon would have us believe. Maybe, just maybe, we will see Howard get his Phd.

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3 Penny the Professional
Penny has put her acting ambitions behind her and is now pursuing a career in sales. She has a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe and a new job. After years of Penny living off Leonard, will we see her out-earning him?

4 Bernadette the Fearsome
Not only is Howard scared of Bernadette, even Penny is afraid of her. And when Penny goes for an interview in her company, it turns out even her boss is afraid of her!

5 Amy the Manipulator
Amy has her priorities very clear– to get physical with Sheldon and become the most popular girl in her peer group. She gets a chance to do latter when she plays Bernadette and Penny against each other. For a few hours at least, she was the most popular girl.

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