Actor Deepika Singh is rushing home after work these days. Find out why

  • Yashika Mathur, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 30, 2016 19:43 IST
Actor Deepika Singh is in a rush to finish work and get back home these days. Find out why.

Actor Deepika Singh has always loved her work and spending time on the sets of her TV show, but lately, there is someone else who is keeping her busy.

And that someone is her sister’s six-month old daughter, who is staying with her for a few days.

Actor Deepika Singh says she can’t focus on her work since her niece has come to stay with her.

“Having a child around you is so much fun. It’s a blessing to see her smile. She takes me back to my childhood. After a hectic day, she is like a stress buster for me and I am so glad she came into our lives. I feel so blessed,” says Deepika, who plays the role of a IPS officer in a daily soap.

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The actor tries to finish her shoot on time everyday, so that she can go home and spend time with the baby girl.

“When I am on the sets, I keep thinking when will I get back home and hold my niece. In a way, she makes me want to work harder, so I can deliver my scenes in just one take,” says Deepika, adding, “It is amazing to see how a small child can make you forget your worries and make you positive.”

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