At times, I feel really depressed: Deepika Singh

  • Rukmini Chopra, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 04, 2016 19:48 IST
TV actor Deepika Singh plays the lead character Sandhya in popular daily soap Diya Aur Baati Hum.

From a distance, the life of a celebrity seems to be all about glamour, glitz and money. But few know the challenges that come with the fame. Popular TV actor Deepika Singh says “there’s a lot of pressure” on celebrities at all times. “At times, I feel really depressed,” she adds.

Deepika, who is the leading lady on a popular TV show, says when you are an actor, “you make money, but you can’t enjoy yourself”.

“You are working seven days a week. You don’t even get a day off easily. Because of this pressure, one tends to get depressed,” says Deepika, adding, “Every month, I think of quitting the show. At times, I get so depressed that I think of running away. I think I have had enough of this fame; my life in Delhi was far better. I have even told my producers this, and have asked them to either reduce the length of my role or give me a 15-day work period a month.”

She says that as an actor, you make money, but you do not have the time to enjoy yourself.

In fact, the actor says that she had to change a lot to suit the requirements of the show. “When I used to live in Delhi, I used to go out partying a lot. But I have changed my habits for the show. Acting needs a lot of concentration because you are playing someone you are not,” she says.

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Even when it comes to her on-screen image, Deepika finds it hard to fulfil those expectations in real life. For instance, on the show, she is seen in a police uniform and traditional Indian attires. “People expect to see me in Indian wear and not hot pants or dresses. I’m constantly under pressure to live up to my [on-screen] image. It gets really difficult when you live like someone you are not. The reactions I have received are strange,” says the television star.

However, now, the actor reveals that she has started “living life on her own terms”. “Since the past six-seven months, I have stopped caring about people’s reactions. I don’t care about my image anymore,” she admits.

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