BBC plays Santa: Sherlock returns on YouTube for Christmas!

  • Durga M Sengupta,, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 25, 2013 16:30 IST

Absconding for two long years and uncharacteristically invisible, Sherlock had really upset fans this time.

BBC's globally popular show which is a modern rendition of the good ol' Conan Doyle book suddenly killed the famous detective in a heart-breaking final episode last season. But the channel brings promise with a 7 minute short episode introducing Sherlock's comeback from the dead as a Christmas surprise for those craving some Holmes-Watson time.

Sherlock Season 3, which is set to go on air in January 2014, will face the interesting challenge of scientifically explaining Sherlock's fake death. Because in the world of 'scientific deduction' there really is no alternative, is there?

The 7 minutes of joy are sprinkled with interesting facets of Sherlock's relationships with those around him. For instance, the very annoying inspector Anderson seems to actually have missed the detective. Watson's love for his friend and partner is so gooey that you want to reach out and give him a hug and some candy.

A third person perspective on a man who is all about stealing the lime-light is an interesting narrative route to take. And it is also very difficult, for he is what the show is all about. However, you'd most probably find yourself aww-ing at the end of this one, with wide-eyed hope painted all over your face.

Of course Sherlock plays God in this one as well. Now more than ever, because you know, he is dead and that much more intriguing.

So, stop reading, gaze skywards and think dreamily of Cumberbatch. #SherlockLives

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