Big Boss 9: Don’t get into fights for Keith, Rimi warns Rochelle

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  • Updated: Oct 22, 2015 17:48 IST
Rimi Sen has some tips for Rochelle to stay out of difficult situation in the Bigg Boss 9 house. (COLORS TV)

Rimi Sen is almost invisible in the Bigg Boss house. Sometimes she even questions her existence inside the house, but now she is slowly getting involved in house politics.

On Thursday’s episode, Rimi lectures Rochelle on how she must avoid getting involved in fights on behalf of her boyfriend Keith. Of late, Rochelle has fought with almost all the housemates for Keith and Mandana. Rimi warns Rochelle that her overprotective nature gets her in difficult situations and advises her against it.

Rochelle has been getting into fights with almost everyone in the house, on behalf of boyfriend Keith and his partner in the game, Mandana. (COLORS TV)

Early in the day, Prince makes Mandana uncomfortable when he hugs her while pretending to wake her up.

Later, Bigg Boss asks contestants to come to a consensus about one ‘jodi’ that was instrumental in the loss of the workers in the Zamindar task. Most of the contestants agree that Keith and Mandana did not perform well. Rochelle, however, jumps to Keith and Mandana’s defence saying that Keith did most of the work. This infuriates Prince and Suyyash and they claim that they did most of the work through the night.

Suyyash and Prince argue over their contribution in the luxury budget task. (COLORS TV)

Suyyash also blames Rochelle and Rimi for having wasted two hours in getting ready during the course of the task. Rochelle fights back all the allegations. After the heated discussions die down, Kishwer discusses Rochelle’s over-protectiveness for Keith and tells Suyyash and Prince that this will backfire on Rochelle.

Bigg Boss announces that since Aman and Kishwer have won the Lagaan task, they will now compete for captaincy. A game of tug-of-war will decide the captains. The housemates will be divided into Team Kishwer and Team Aman and they will have the liberty to pick sides. While Suyyash-Prince, Rochelle-Rimi, Vikas-Yuvika choose Kishwer’s side, Arvind, Keith and Digangana-Roopal root for Aman. Mandana is asked to supervise the game and is given the onus to announce the captain based on her fair decision.

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Mandana reveals to Keith that she would have liked to see Aman as the captain. Keith agrees saying that Aman is good at decision making. When Rochelle says that she chose Kishwer because of Rimi, Mandana says it was a good thing because they must keep their enemies close. While the luxury budget for the week dictates that Aman and Kishwer will be the only rightful owners to the luxurious items, they play it smart and decide upon items which can be sustained for over a week. In this way, their housemates will also benefit from the win. The day closes with Mandana crying over feeling cornered and the rest of the housemates consoling her.


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