Bigg Boss 8: contestant wishlist for a fun watch

  • Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 21, 2014 18:24 IST

Bigg Boss, Indian TV's biggest, and the most controversial reality show, kickstarts its eighth season on Sunday evening.

While we wait and watch to see the final contestants, here's a humble wishlist -- of people we'd love to see on the show.

Arvind Kejriwal

The Aam Admi Party leader has been on our wishlist ever since he became the Delhi chief minister and the last season of Bigg Boss came to an end. Kejriwal's flair for melodrama, and his aam admi theatrics, is sure to get all the eyeballs the channels heads could ever ask for.

Dr Kumar Vishwas

He was reportedly offered one 'slot' in the Bigg Boss house this season, but the deal apparently fell through because the channel couldn't afford the Rs21 crore Vishwas asked for in return. Though he said he would have used the money for his social work, we would have all loved to see a contestant who thought he was worth more than Rs 21 crore!

Shweta Basu Prasad

She was in the news for all the wrong reason only recently, and almost divided the nation between those who thought she was a victim of the system and those who thought she was a victim of her own soaring ambition. Whatever your take on this one, we would have loved Shweta 'Makdi' Prasad to be one of the contestants. Why? Because it would have given her a platform to spill the beans on all the high profile businessmen who were her clients.

Ness Wadia

Talking of juicy gossip, Ness Wadia's fallout with Preity Zinta is a classic case of PDA-turned-into-PDE (public display of enmity). Now, we've all heard pretty Preity's side of the fight, at Wankhede, post-match parties and wherever else, but Ness has been quite reluctant to tell us what exactly happened. Yes, we would have loved him to come out with his side of the story. Just imagine the fun: Ness Wadia talking about his fight with Preity, prodded by 10 other gossip-hungry contestants who know that the more he speaks, the more he will be judged by the viewers and vote him out soon.

Narendra Modi

Our prime minister's impeccable Hindi and the Bigg Boss rule of no English words in the house would have made an interesting fun watch. Add to that his theatrical style of speaking and you have an entertainer, right on your TV, every night!

Julian Assange

The Wikilieaks co-founder could have taught us Indians a thing or two about how to keep the big picture in mind and make a big impact. The man has anyways spent almost two years (since July 2012) trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy, so living an isolated life in the Bigg Boss house won't be much of a trouble for him, we guess.

Bilawal Bhutto

After his statement over Kashmir on Saturday, the Pakistani politician has been the butt of jokes on the social media. We are sure trapping him in the crazy Bigg Boss house will bring out better jokes.

(PS: This is just a wishlist and none from this list will appear on the reality show that begins on Sunday at 9pm)

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