Bigg Boss 8: Diandra has a birthday gift for Gautam, in the bathroom!

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  • Updated: Nov 28, 2014 21:21 IST

Even as the house is yet to recover from the Sonali-Ali episode, there are other interesting things happening in Bigg Boss 8. Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati's new-found friendship is not as much hidden. And for Gautam's birthday in Friday's episode, Diandra reinforces the rumour that the duo might be seeing each other.

The two are seen hitting on each other in the bedroom when Diandra tells Gautam that she wants to give him a birthday gift. A startled Gautam looks nervous and Diandra asks him if he is scared. Gautam who is clearly confused about what her intentions are, asks her as to what can she possibly have in mind, hinting at the cameras. Diandra then takes Gautam's hand and drags him out of the bedroom through the house into one of the bathrooms and bolts the door!

Diandra and Gautam dancing to the tunes of HumTum's romantic title track

The duo comes out of the bathroom after almost a minute and an intrigued Karishma asks Diandra what was she doing. Diandra blushes and tries to dodge the question but then admits that at last she gave Gautam his birthday gift. Later on when the housemates are celebrating his birthday, Diandra once again whispers something in Gautam's ears, to which Gautam is seen hinting to bring it on. The two then dance to the tunes of HumTum's romantic title track.

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