Bigg Boss 8: Diandra kisses Gautam Gulati to prove she is carefree

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  • Updated: Dec 05, 2014 01:32 IST

Bigg Boss 8, the most controversial show in the country, is gearing up for more sizzle and, hence, a greater push to TRPs.

On Thursday's episode, the new couple in the house Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati, take their relation to a new level. After giving a 'mysterious' gift to Gautam on his birthday in the bathroom, Diandra kisses Gautam, in front of the cameras in the living area.

During the Museum task, Gautam did not tell Diandra about his secret task and which upset her. Gautam had told Diandra though that they have been warned about their closeness.

After knowing the truth, Diandra confronts him. Gautam apologizes adding that he thought it won't be a big deal as Diandra is a carefree girl. Diandra tells Karishma that she wants to show Gautam how carefree she can be. She, then, walks up to Gautam and kisses him in front of all the housemates.

Gautam as well as the other contestants are shocked while Diandra just walks away.

Meanwhile, girls in the house have some fun at Upen's expense. Karishma teases him on how he ignored Sonali's proposal and Sonali, in turn, asks him to give his views on her. Upen says she is great from Monday to Thursday every week but by Saturday, she completely cuts herself off from friends. "Saturday ko aap bass Salman Khan ki hoti ho," he adds.

Earlier in the day, Bigg Boss asks Pritam to name three people who should be considered for immunity for the next week's eviction. Pritam names Praneet, Karishma and Dimpy. Big Boss then announces a task for the trio to compete with each other for immunity.

As per the task, there are three poles placed in the swimming pool with yellow boards attached below the water level, wherein they would stand before the buzzer rings for the task to start. On the second buzzer they need to stand on the metallic stand of the size of an inch with the support of holding the pole and the one who lasts longest would win. Praneet is the first one to give up within five minutes.

In the evening, the housemates are asked to rank each other on the basis of their popularity in the show through a consensus. Ali Quli Mirza is ranked as number one as they feel he is the most entertaining contestant of the house and therefore audiences love to watch him every now and then in the show. As a reward, Bigg Boss grants relief to Ali by lifting the ‘No Captaincy’ ban put upon him.

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